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Apple Tart

Well, there is nothing like a hurricane to give you an incentive to cook something. For those of you who have somehow not heard, the East Coast is experiencing a bit of bad weather. Many students across the Northeast are rejoicing tonight as schools and universities have announced closures for the second day in a row. Since most of my friends and I have strategically avoided Friday classes, this has given us a much-need five day weekend to catch up on sleep and homework–or, in my case, cooking. I just really hope this clears up so kids can go trick-or-treating on Halloween!

About a week ago, I went apple and pumpkin picking with my friends West and Amanda.

Surveying our options

I love pretty much everything about fall, but the one thing I love most is escaping the city for a day and going apple and/or pumpkin picking. This is incredibly ironic as the thought of camping gives me hives. But picking my own produce? Totally down with that. West grew up on a farm, and I like to think that Amanda and I amused him with our extreme excitement at all things nature-related. Like most city-folk who venture to a farm, Amanda and I came home with roughly 6½-lbs of apples each. I haven’t had a chance to make anything with them until now, however, as assignments have kept me out of the kitchen. Nothing like a hurricane to return one’s cooking-mojo.

This is my go-to apple galette/tart recipe. I’ve been making it for nearly eight years, and no other recipe has been able to trump it. The crust is flaky and quickly assembled. The filling is easily adaptable to what one has on hand. The tart itself is not very sweet–making it the perfect vehicle for some coffee or vanilla ice cream. So, if you still have power and are stuck indoors during a hurricane with a ton of apples, I suggest betaking your stir-crazy self to the kitchen. Happy eating, and I hope everyone in the Northeast stays safe and dry!

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Sweet Potato Biscuits

I know this is a terribly timed post as it is still 90 degrees out, but I woke up wishing it was fall.

Maybe I was too warm this morning. Maybe it’s the fact that school starts in a few days. Who knows? What I do know, however, is that, when I was scouring my mother’s kitchen for something “fall-like” for breakfast, I happened across some sweet potatoes.

And then this happened.


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Caramel Corn

Fall is in full swing here in the District. Today was chilly, and the leaves are finally changing colors. I’ll try and take a picture of D.C. in fall to post for you guys later this week. My friend Merey and I have been dying for a chill night in, and, with all of the work that we have during the upcoming weeks, what better time than the present? So, after popping open a bottle of wine, we decided to make ourselves a delicious fall treat: Caramel Corn.

Merey has been raving about her mom’s caramel corn recipe ever since the weather started to change. Let me tell you, folks: Mama Wittman-Shell’s caramel corn is pretty damn AMAZING. And it is so, so easy to make! With some freshly popped corn and a homemade caramel sauce, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any Halloween party or fall gathering.

So what’re you waiting for? Go make yourself some popcorn! Everyone will thank you! Sorry the pictures are a bit crummy; we didn’t have a camera on hand, but I just had to document this and wound up using Photo Booth. I’ll play around with it and hopefully improve the images!

Happy Eating!

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