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Blueberry Cream Scones


Oh hey there blogosphere.

Apparently, I decided to take an extended vacation from blogging. The sad thing is that I don’t really have an excuse. Posting kept being pushed back with another, “I’ll do that next week,” or, “I’m too tired to write tonight,” or, perhaps even worse, “That’s not blog-worthy.” Fail, Rosemary, fail.

The other sad thing is that it’s not like I haven’t been cooking. I have so many pictures of food it’s unhealthy. I’m totally that hipster who only takes pictures of food–but I don’t post them to Instagram or a tumblr. I’m like the not-cool, cool kid. Whoops.

So today marks my return to blogging. And I bring you some blueberry scones as a peace offering. These were absolutely delicious. I LOVE scones. Love them. They take about ten minutes to put together, fifteen minutes to bake, and the reward is amazing. These scones are a good mix of flaky and fluffy (is that weird?), and they taste great the next day. I personally like them slightly warm so the berry juice gets flowing, but they taste just as good at room temperature.

Happy Eating!

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Strawberry Chia Smoothie


I’m currently basking in post-exam bliss. 2L is almost over (still wrapping up clinic things), and I am ridiculously excited to enjoy the warmer weather before starting work for the summer (for which I’m also excited. Yes, I am a dork). Now if only it would stop raining.

Berries made their market debut a bit earlier this year, and they are actually quite sweet! I bought some strawberries at Trader Joe’s the other day for some strawberry shortcakes (recipe coming shortly. Oh. Ha. Pun.) and decided to use the leftovers for a smoothie–my new go-to study snack when working at home. I  recently picked up a bag of chia seeds at TJ’s and threw some of them in as well. I became fascinated by chia seeds after learning they are rich in Omega-3s and fiber. Plus they are supposed to help with weight loss (always a good thing in my book) and, unlike flax seeds, you don’t have to worry about grinding them up or having them go rancid. They’ve got a pretty long shelf life and can be eaten straight out of the package. I wonder what other 90’s fads will turn out to have crazy good health benefits…

Happy eating!

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Chocolate Cranberry Pecan Granola

Dear Future Exam-Taking Self:

While I appreciate that you had grand plans to start outlining this weekend, you really made a wise decision by visiting Union and Eastern Markets with friend and foodie Amanda, doing laundry, getting ahead on reading, and, you know, choosing to make granola instead of opening those pesky class notes. While you may not actually understand the rules of evidence as well as you should, keep in mind how delicious procrastination was. One day, you may make those granola-crusted nuts that inspired you on Smitten Kitchen. But, until then, just remember to breathe and to take a bite of your latest creation. While it may not give you the answer as to what constitutes a Fourth Amendment violation, it will provide endless comfort in the form of mildly sweetened oats, chocolate, pecans, and cranberries. You. Are. Welcome.

All the best,

Present Outline-Avoiding Self

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Cinnamon Apple Banana Bread

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and this recipe is proof of that statement’s veracity. I always have fruit, and I most definitely always have bananas. It’s one of those habits that I picked up from my mother. Actually, that last bit is more the result of my father’s insistence on making sure we all got our “daily dose of potassium,” but the point is that I always have fruit. One person can only eat so much fruit, however, and I constantly wind up with a couple of pieces that I cannot consume before they get too ripe to eat.

Having too much fruit, however, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It gives me ample excuse to make fruit-filled pancakes, smoothies, and desserts. My favorite way to use up ripe fruit, however, is by making banana bread. I use my mother’s recipe and have wonderful memories of making loaves of banana bread with her when my dad bought way too many bananas.

When I realized that I had two very ripe bananas earlier this week, my instinct was to make some banana bread. Here’s the problem: my mom’s recipe calls for three bananas. Solution? Add an apple. I didn’t want to lose the banana flavor, however, so I decided to roast my bananas to intensify it. I also cooked the apple pieces for a few minutes so that they wouldn’t release too much water while baking and create a soggy loaf. Working off of my mother’s recipe, I noticed that the substitution of the apple for a banana made the batter a bit too thick. Solution? Add Greek yogurt. The result was an incredibly moist (Horrid word. I know. Apologies) treat that made for a pretty awesome breakfast solution this week.

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to lack ingredients after all. Happy eating!

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Snacktime: Roasted Squash Seeds & Eggplant “Fries”

I’ve been doing a lot of researching and writing these days, so, naturally, this mandates an appropriate amount of snacking. These are my latest go-to snacks. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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Chai-Spiced Sugar Cookies

When I moved home for the summer, I brought back a ton of pantry staples. Spices, vinegars, baking supplies, tea–it was as though a mini mart moved into my mother’s house. One of the things that came back with me was my supply of Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Latte Powder. Being Indian, I naturally have a thing for chai. It’s in my blood. So when I was looking for a new, non-chocolately (is that a word?) baked good to try, I thought it might be nice to find a way to use some of my stock.

I came across this recipe for  chai-spiced cookies and had to give it a try. The result is a soft cookie, reminiscent of snickerdoodles but with a stronger spicy kick. The original recipe calls for a few traditional spices and flavors, but I took the easy route and used ¼ cup of the chai latte powder. These were a big hit at the office and, according to my colleagues, taste great dunked in coffee. Happy eating!

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Basil-Goat Cheese Flatbreads

Life sometimes does this thing where it overwhelms you.

First, there were finals.

Then, I started my internship.

Then, Liz graduated from med school (that’s right folks–she’s a real doctor now!).

Then, we had a series of major family events.

Then, my summer class started.

Add to that some great summer cookouts with friends (thanks, Thrasher!) and, somewhere, between all of this, I forgot to blog. Oops. It isn’t that I haven’t been cooking. It’s just that nothing I’ve cooked has been particularly different from things that I have already posted. I’m hoping my “dinspiration” returns once I’ve turned in my brief this week.

I made these flatbreads a while back as a pregame appetizer for Barrister’s Ball. I can’t recall where I saw description of these (I suspect it was on The Kitchn), but I decided instantly that I had to make them. They are simple to make, and they’d make a great addition to the spread at a cookout or summer dinner party. Caramelizing the onions always takes the longest, so be sure to give yourself ample time to complete that step.

Happy eating!

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Make Ahead Meal: Potstickers

I’m just about halfway through my second semester of law school, and I know that the madness of outlining and finals is about to pick up. As a result, I’ve been making more meals that I can freeze for later in the semester. After the dismal eating season known as first semester finals, I’ve realized that I really need to plan ahead so that I have some semblance of a balanced diet–even if I’m completely lacking on sleep. I’m already benefitting from this plan; while this last brief did require some takeout, I was still able to pull things from my freezer for a quick lunch on more than one occasion!

Now, I love potstickers. While I could buy some from the store,  I’ve taken to making my own. They are actually really easy and a lot of fun to make. Pretty much every grocery store carries wonton wrappers (usually found near the tofu). Since I live by myself, I have no need for an entire head of cabbage; my solution this time was to buy a pack of “coleslaw” mix from Whole Foods, which worked really well. It had the perfect amount of carrots and cabbage, and you can pick a packet based on how much filling you want.

To freeze the potstickers, just fill the wonton wrappers and lay on a baking sheet. Freeze for a few hours, then place into freezer bags. Once assembled, they take only a few minutes to cook through and are great served aside a salad or some roasted vegetables. I’m posting a more traditional filling today and will post another later this week. Happy eating!

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Caramel Corn

Fall is in full swing here in the District. Today was chilly, and the leaves are finally changing colors. I’ll try and take a picture of D.C. in fall to post for you guys later this week. My friend Merey and I have been dying for a chill night in, and, with all of the work that we have during the upcoming weeks, what better time than the present? So, after popping open a bottle of wine, we decided to make ourselves a delicious fall treat: Caramel Corn.

Merey has been raving about her mom’s caramel corn recipe ever since the weather started to change. Let me tell you, folks: Mama Wittman-Shell’s caramel corn is pretty damn AMAZING. And it is so, so easy to make! With some freshly popped corn and a homemade caramel sauce, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any Halloween party or fall gathering.

So what’re you waiting for? Go make yourself some popcorn! Everyone will thank you! Sorry the pictures are a bit crummy; we didn’t have a camera on hand, but I just had to document this and wound up using Photo Booth. I’ll play around with it and hopefully improve the images!

Happy Eating!

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Healthy Snacks


I had grand plans of posting about all of the different cookies I made for my study groups in the last few weeks, but, let’s face it: I don’t want to talk cookies right now. Don’t worry; I’ll post them in time for the holidays. The thing is, I’ve spent the last two weeks writing like a mad woman, outlining the entire first half of my CivPro class, and dreaming of, well, dreaming in my bed. Hell week in undergrad ain’t got nothin’ on hell week in law school.

I realized early last week, however, that grabbing something out of the vending machine or from Au Bon Pain was not going to keep me going. I often don’t want a full meal when I work, but I do like to keep a few snacks on hand so that I have enough fuel to keep working. Granted, there are times (like this past weekend) where I am so engrossed in what I am doing that I forget about eating until, say, 3pm. But, most of the time, I enjoy the comfort a few munchies–especially because they keep me from eating too much when I finally remember to have a proper meal!

So here’s a list of the snacks I whip up to make sure I have enough protein, veg, and healthy fats in my diet. I’ve excluded smoothies and parfaits because the likelihood of a smoothie tasting good after sitting around for four hours in a law school is, well, slim. That being said, those are great for when at home! Hope these help out the rest of you.

Happy Eating!

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