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Individual Turkey Pot Pies

So Turkey Day is officially over. Thanksgiving at my mom’s house is filled with tons of turkey, plenty of sides, and a whole bunch of family. This year, Liz and I took over the cooking in an attempt to give our mom a break (naturally, this resulted in her spending the day cleaning. We fail). I wound up on turkey duty, recreating the Lemony Brined Turkey that has become a staple at the annual law school Friendsgiving, and the two of us split the sides.

Needless to say, like most people, we always wind up with too much leftover turkey. So what’s a girl, who doesn’t really like turkey, to do? After Friendsgiving this year, I decided to give my leftover turkey some new life in the form of mini pot pies that I froze to make a quick meal during the impending exam season.

The recipe for the filling is inspired by the one used by my friend Sarah. If you have time, you should definitely make your own crust. If not, however, the pre-made refrigerated variety works just fine. Hope you all had a great holiday. Happy eating!

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Lemony, Roasted Brined Turkey

Sorry the pic is blurry--relied on iPhone

Oh. My. Turkey.

This is noteworthy: You can officially roast a turkey while a 1L. In fact, you can officially participate in the greatest fake thanksgiving feast known to man and have an amazing time forgetting about finals. Apparently, it is still possible to have fun in law school.

My friend Merey and I got it into our heads that what our friends  really needed was a fake Thanksgiving. Having just completed a draft of our  hated memos and suffering from complete and total burnout, we wanted something that was a promise of good things to come. Where better to turn than Thanksgiving? So we embarked on a mission, enlisted our friends, and the MOST EPIC of all dinners resulted.

To say I am proud of my friends is a gross understatement. Everyone contributed and everything was deeeelish (there was even pumpkin pie from scratch–i.e. no canned pumpkin!). If any of you are reading today’s post, consider this an invitation to guest blog and share your recipe.  And, Brad, here’s your official shout-out: you make a mean mashed.

Anyway, I wound up on turkey duty. The recipe is based off of the roasted brined turkey recipe Megan referenced in her Thanksgiving post and that my friend Sam also recommended. I couldn’t find certain ingredients and had to improvise, but the result was incredibly moist and flavorful. Hope this helps as you plan your menu!

Happy eating!

Revamped Thanksgiving Staples

Recently, I’ve had a few people ask me, “Megan, do you have any good Thanksgiving recipes?”  Well, boy do I.  I have lots of terrific, tried, tested, and approved recipes for Thanksgiving, and I would love to share them with you.

Now, years back, when we used to live in DC, we would drive to Ohio for Thanksgiving and spend it with our families.  As guests, we usually didn’t do much cooking, but one year, I asked if I could try my hand at preparing the turkey.  My mother-in-law was kind enough to allow me to do so, and I was able to test Martha Stewart’s recipe for a brined turkey that I had been dying to try.  It was my first time fixing a turkey, and I was nervous—especially since generations of family members were doubting my techniques—but in the end, it was a total success.  The bird was moist and flavorful with a crispy skin.  What more could you ask for?

Once we moved to New York, however, Thanksgiving changed.  Instead of returning to Ohio to be with our families, we fix a feast here and invite friends over.  It has been a lot of fun, and it has allowed me to be as OCD about Thanksgiving dinner as I want to.  You see, I grew up not loving Thanksgiving.  I mean, I loved the family togetherness, but I’m not a mashed-potato-lover, and yams covered in marshmallows don’t get me excited.  In fact, the only food I really looked forward to on Turkey Day was the pie.

But once I got full control of the menu, I was able to revamp it and reinvent the “perfect Thanksgiving dinner.”  I stay true to the basics—turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, etc.—but prepare them in a more modern, if you will, fashion.

Below is a list of links to my favorite recipes.  These are recipes that will, no doubt, be on my Thanksgiving table this year.  I hope they make it on yours as well!

Brandon's lovely "tablescape"

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