Brunching: Lavagna


Brunch Buddies

You’d be hard-pressed to find people who love brunch as much as my friends and I do. My love of brunch fits perfectly with my love of almost all breakfast foods and bubbly drinks. So when my friend Jocelyn and I were trying to come up with a time to meet up, brunch seemed like a natural solution. We invited my friends Amanda and Christina along for the ride and wound up at Lavagna over by Eastern Market.

Let me just say that I had high expectations for this place. Joss and I had read about it on Bitches Who Brunch, and the girls gave it an A–which is a pretty high standard for any establishment to meet! With this being Inauguration Weekend, getting around D.C. was particularly difficult (because why wouldn’t we confuse the tourists whenever possible…-_-) due to Metro station closures and delays. But the four of us braved it and made our way to Lavagna, and it was definitely worth the extra effort.

Mascarpone Pancakes

Mascarpone Pancakes

Joss, Stina, and I seemed to be of one mind. While Joss and I were tempted by the goat cheese and pepper omelet (which we’ve vowed to return for), we joined Stina in ordering the Mascarpone Pancakes. Now, I love pancakes. I think I’ve made three or four different kinds of pancakes for this blog. That Mascarpone topping? Must add to my cooking repertoire! It wasn’t too sweet, which I was afraid of, but rather served as a delicious, honey-laced spread that paired well with the slight tang of buttermilk in the pancake batter. Paired with blueberries and strawberries, my meal was simply YUM. I devoured mine without any hesitation.


Eggs w/Focaccia Toast, Sausage, and Potatoes

Amanda, on the other hand, decided on the eggs any style. She opted for eggs over easy and received a perfectly runny yolk, some sausages, and seasoned potatoes with a side of focaccia toast. Like the rest of us, Amanda was pleased with her meal, but I got the sense that the toast was her favorite part.

And, needless to say, we were all totally won over by the $12 bottomless mimosas. And the waiter who silently and frequently refilled our glasses when we weren’t looking. Because of his attentive service, I don’t think my glass was ever less than half full. Lord knows how many we actually drank, but I was very happy by meal’s end.

Anyway, I highly recommend Lavagna and suggest you check it out. Plus, you’re just a hop, skip, and a leap away from Eastern Market–and who doesn’t love that place?

Lavagna is located at 539 8th Street, S.E.


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