Veritas Wine Bar

For those of you who know me, you know that I’m a bit of a wine connoisseur. Now I am FAR from being an expert, but I do like a nice glass of wine.

a glass of Veritas’s grüner veltliner–I highly recommend it

One of my favorite places in Florence was an enoteca (wine shop). My friend Sam was extremely good friends with the owner and his family (they practically adopted her) and used to translate the wine tastings at the shop. Luckily, we all benefited from her mad translation skills, and I got to accompany her on a couple of her translation stints. If you are ever in Florence, you should definitely swing by Pozzo Divino. Pino’s wine tastings are incredibly well priced, plus the enoteca is located in the old holding cells of the Bargello.

Anyway, as a result, I’ve had a thing for “wine bars” ever since I got back to D.C. One of my favorite spots is Veritas in Dupont Circle. It’s an adorable space in the basement of a building on Florida Ave., NW (on the corner near Connecticut Ave.). While I love the space, what I love more is the extensive wine collection. Veritas has over 70 glasses of wine “on tap” and carries some of my favorite bottles of wine (such as a greco bianco from Puglia or fantastic pinot noirs from Oregon). Veritas also sells well-priced wine flights. I think the most expensive one on the menu last night was $23 dollars–a total steal.

From left to right: Hummus, Roasted Red Pepper & Feta, Olive Tapenade.

Plus, you can pair your wine with an assortment of small plates. I think I’ve gotten the “trio” of dips every time I’ve been there. Quite frankly, I’m obsessed with the roasted red pepper and feta one. My new life goal is to recreate it.

But enough raving. Go get yourself some wine. If you make it before summer’s over, you can even enjoy your vino while sitting on the patio 🙂

Veritas Wine Bar
2031 Florida Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20008

And in case you are ever in Florence:

Enoteca Pozzo Divino
Via Ghibellina 144 R
50122 Firenze

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