Things I Love: Bolthouse Farms Caesar Salad Dressing

I know. I know. This is not a recipe. Apologies. I swear I cook. I made a pretty kickass chicken noodle soup Sunday night that I intend to share with y’all this weekend (post-exams). In the meantime, please put up with me raving like a madwoman about things I adore.

Today, I bring you the greatest salad dressing to cross my path in a really long time. For those of you who know me well, you are probably aware that I’m not much of a salad dressing person. That’s right folks. Yours truly can eat an undressed salad. I just feel like a lot of dressings detract from the taste of the vegetables. I have been told this makes me more similar to a cow than the average human, but I don’t like my salad to taste “heavy.” When I do dress my salads (which, admittedly, I do more now than I did a year or two ago), I tend to make my own vinaigrette and use just enough to coat the leaves.

But every so often, I want a Caesar salad. The problem is that most Caesar dressings tend to weigh down the greens. Plus, if you check out the ingredients list and nutrition panel on most of those things…well, you might as well not eat the salad.

My friend Sarah suggested Bolthouse Farm’s Caesar Parmigiano Salad Dressing to me a while back, and I finally decided to try it a couple of weeks ago. I am OBSESSED. Here’s why:

  1. It’s made with yogurt.
  2. What does this mean for us salad-eaters? Lower calories! There are only 45! In 2 tbsp!!!!!!! That goes a LONG way.
  3. It’s tangy! The slightly “sour” flavor of the yogurt cuts through the density of a traditional Caesar and pairs really well with the crisp Romaine.
  4. It works as a great marinade for chicken (life lesson from my mother: marinating chicken in yogurt makes it extra soft and juicy when cooked).
  5. Most salad haters like the taste of Caesar dressing–so it’s good for a crowd.
  6. It has parm in it–so you don’t need to add any extra (though, if you are me, you’ll throw in half a tablespoon for the heck of it).
  7. Did I mention that it’s 45 calories?

Anyway, that’s my rave. Also, consider putting fresh thyme in your salads. My friend Caroline suggested this. Tried it once, never gone back.

The end. Happy law school finals week everyone!!!!

P.S. As per usual, reviews are not endorsed. This is just the result of me, hopped up on finals, enjoying a salad.


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