It’s oyster time!

People either love or hate raw oysters; there really seems to be no in-between.  I happen to fall into the former crowd.  Oysters, for me, are a real treat.  They are mouthful of fresh, briny ocean.

If you, too, like spending an evening with a glass of wine and a dozen oysters, now is the time for you.  Once, someone told me that oyster season is easy to remember, because it falls during the months ending with r.  Well, November ends in r, and so does December.  There is only a month and a half of r-ending months left this year, so now is the time to act.  Right now, the oysters are fresh, salty, sweet, and delicious.  I am trying to work in a weekly dozen for the remainder of the year.

The master shucker

The pictures in this post are, of course, not taken in November.  They were taken on a trip to Prince Edward Island that Brandon and I took two summers ago.  There, we would buy a five-pound bag of oysters from a fishery, sit at a picnic table, and shuck them ourselves (meaning Brandon shucked them all).  It really was heaven on Earth.

If you’re not willing to shuck your own, look for a reputable fish

Attempting to shuck

restaurant and order away.  Some places even have mid-week oyster happy hours!  Try to order semi-local (West Coast v. East Coast) and try several kinds to find a favorite.  Ours are Olde Salts from Virginia and Beausoleils from New Brunswick.

Also, if eating oysters raw makes you a bit weary, they are also delicious cooked!  If you would like to incorporate them into your Thanksgiving celebration, there are many mouthwatering recipes for oyster stuffing out there.  If that doesn’t interest you, try frying them or making an oyster pot pie.

Lastly, if eating these bivalves still doesn’t satiate your hunger for oysters, enjoy this article from Serious Eats about oyster farming.

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