A Lesson in Pouring Beer

As previously mentioned, this is my last week as an undergraduate at Georgetown, and I have been busy celebrating Senior Week with my friends. There have been plenty of bar crawls, parties, picnics, and a whole lot of free food. Last night, I went to Pizzeria Paradiso with a three of my friends from the SFS Academic Council where I was lucky enough to sample a new beer.

My friend Lucas hails from Germany, so we gave him the task of picking out beers for us from the restaurant’s extensive list. He was incredibly excited to discover that Pizzeria Paradiso happens to carry a beer from his hometown: Pinkus Organic Hefe-Weizen. I had never heard of this beer while traveling in Germany last July, but it is apparently difficult to find outside of Münster. Given Lucas’s excitement, we naturally ordered some, and they were delicious. The beer paired incredibly well with our pizza. It was very light and crisp with, I suspect, just a hint of lemon.

Lucas volunteered to teach us how to pour beer properly, and I’ve realized that I have no class whatsoever when pouring the drink. I suppose I now have a fancy trick to show friends whenever I next drink good German beer –or just another task to give Lucas when we next go out to dinner 🙂

Video of my beer lesson can be found here. I am having trouble rotating it so that it looks decent, so, if you click to see our other videos and feel so inclined, you can see it at a ninety degree angle…

Technology is my foe. Happy drinking 🙂

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