Foodgasm: Macarons from Pâtisserie Poupon

Two treats for you today:

1) I am about to update the post on The Tombs’s Strawberry Basil Lemonade. I managed to recreate it for Georgetown Day this year, and it is incredibly easy to make. I absolutely love the combination of flavors and highly encourage you to try making it. It’s such a great summery drink.

2) Foodgasm moment. I digress:

I had brunch with my friend Caroline today, and we went to our favorite brunch spot in Georgetown, Cafe Bonaparte. If you are ever in Washington, D.C., you should definitely check this place out. The food is well-priced and delicious.

Afterwards, we decided to check out Pâtisserie Poupon, a French cafe and bakery in Georgetown that we’d heard great things about but had never bothered visiting over the last few years.

I HAVE BEEN A FOOL FOR SO LONG. This place makes some of the BEST macarons that I have ever had. The crumb (especially on the almond ones) is out of this world, and the chocolate macarons taste like mini-brownies. At 89 cents apiece, you can sample all of the day’s flavors (as we did today) for less than five dollars. I am definitely stopping by for more during finals.

Anyway, much love from foodie heaven. I’m off to watch a movie in Italiano for class. I made an awesome potato-salad today but totally forgot to take pictures as I was pressed for time. I did learn, however, that using half greek yogurt and half mayonnaise makes it taste SO much better than just using mayonnaise alone (I really, really hate mayo).

Happy eating!


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