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Apple-Blueberry Pie and The Modern Americans

This week, we will be doing some guest blogging for the blog The Modern Americans.  Nicole, one of the creators of The Modern Americans, and a dear friend of mine, has created this blog as a means to tell the stories of real Americans throughout the United States.  Inspired by Robert Frank’s work The Americans, Nicole and her fellow-bloggers have dedicated the year of 2011 to visiting all 50 states and giving their readers the opportunity to take a glimpse into the lives of our country’s people.

Our first guest post tells the story of my Grandma DeWall’s pie crust and my apple-blueberry pie.

I hope you enjoy.



Beet Gnocchi

Sounds strange, doesn’t it?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, my friend Caroline and I decided to make beet gnocchi. Ok, it was more in honor of our obsession with beets, but we are going to pretend that Valentine’s Day had something to do with it. We have impeccable timing.

I have to admit that I was slightly skeptical that the gnocchi would somehow taste strange. I was even more concerned that my entire kitchen would be dyed pink from beet juice. I am proud to report that neither of these occurred. Wooden cutting boards remain the color of the tree from which they were made. My fingers are still their natural hue. These gnocchi were delicious with just the slightest hint of beets.

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Chocolate Pots de Crème

First of all, I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

My husband, Brandon, and I decided, once again, to forgo the restaurant scene and make dinner together for the holiday.  Knowing Brandon would probably be working the official night of V-Day, we chose to celebrate the evening before.

Celebrating over the weekend provided me with the extra time needed to prepare a special, indulgent dessert.  With our dinner menu consisting of duck breast with orange gastrique, duck fat potatoes, and roasted broccolini, I wanted to whip up a French-inspired, chocolate dessert (what could be more romantic?).  My first thought was chocolate mousse.  I’ve made it before and enjoyed it thoroughly, but it requires melting chocolate and whipping eggs in several different bowls, and I just wasn’t in the mood for such a heroic clean-up effort. Continue reading

Whole Wheat Crepes with a Savory Spinach Filling

I promised that I would write about something healthy, so here you go: whole wheat crepes!

I woke up this morning wanting nothing that was readily available to me: cereal, oatmeal, eggs – they just were not cutting it. Result: make something! So, after perusing Martha Stewart’s website, the Food Network, and the inner workings of my brain (the most unorganized of the three, I assure you), I decided to make crepes.

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Peach Crumb Cake

I realized last night that most of my recent posts on the blog have revolved around pasta. Case in point: this, this, this, and this. So, to prove both to you and to myself that I have not lost my ability to cook other forms of food, I decided to bake tonight.

With the sight of a few snowflakes this evening, however, I knew that I would want something comforting to eat come morning, and nothing sounded better than a piece of cinnamon-y crumb cake. Being a foodie, I am obsessed with other food blogs, and one of my favorite blogs is The Crepes of Wrath. The blog is the brainchild of Sydney, a recent college grad and incredibly relatable writer. Her recipes are very user- (and budget-) friendly, and I love checking her blog throughout the week to see what delicious recipes she has shared. Today’s recipe comes straight from her blog. I’ve had it bookmarked on Safari since the day it was first posted, but never got around to making this cake. Today provided the perfect opportunity.

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Ricotta Gnocchi with Ten-Minute Cherry Tomato Sauce

Today’s post features a fourth kitchen, that of my friend Sam. Sam studied abroad with me in Florence last spring, and I frequently refer to her as my source for all things authentically Italian. She is a fantastic cook, and, although she lives across the street from me this semester, we never seem to have enough time to hang out or to cook. Travesty? I think yes.

Hello, Sam!

This past Friday, however, we decided that we simply MUST catch up, so I made the arduous trek across the street to Sam’s house where we proceeded to make a delicious meal of ricotta gnocchi. Ricotta gnocchi is different from the gnocchi you usually find at restaurants because, well, there are no potatoes in them. I always consider them to be more like gnudi than gnocchi, but Mario Batali calls these gnocchi, and, thus, gnocchi they shall be.

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