Food Fail: Panna Cotta Edition

...the makings of a disaster...

I am having the epitome of an “off day.” Today, I attempted to make panna cotta, a dessert that I have made countless times before. The result? A nice, liquid-y mass. The thing is, however, that I have no idea what I did wrong! I heated my cream, dissolved my sugar, softened my gelatin – I am literally clueless as to what went wrong. The mixture just won’t set! It looked so promising too. So, no exciting post today. I am trying, in vain, to keep it in the refrigerator overnight in the hopes that it will set, but don’t get your hopes up, people! This may be the biggest dessert failure to date.

In any case, for those of you who want a great panna cotta recipe, this is the one that I normally use (and that normally works!). I wish you the best of luck. I am blaming this casualty on the bronchitis.

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